Yahoo’s New Name “Oath” Mocked as One of the Worst Corporate Rebrandings


Verizon, which agreed to buy Yahoo last year, has announced that both Yahoo and AOL will come together under a new name “Oath” in the coming weeks, once the company completes the $4.5 billion acquisition, The Telegraph is reporting. AOL’s boss Tim Armstrong confirmed the move, as well as introducing a very questionable slogan, #TakeTheOath.


While Mr Armstrong has confirmed that Oath is simply the new name for the combined AOL and Yahoo division, and that Yahoo name will live on for users of its website and email service, it has failed to stop internet users mocking the new name, with some calling it the top contender for the worst rebrandings in corporate history. Here are few tweets ridiculing Yahoo’s rebranding:

Yahoo’s stake in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan will be renamed “Altbaba” following the acquisition.


  • Kris

    I have no words… it’s not a contender for worst re-brand, it’s the winner

  • Oath. Sounds like an extension of the Oprah Network

  • Kael

    The name had just helped me decide to delete my Yahoo (Oath) account. (The security breach didn’t)

  • Sam

    Yahoo 2.O would have been better. Heck, just about anything else would have been better. LOL