DigiTimes: Slimmer 13″ & 15″ MacBook Pro Currently In Production


A new report by DigiTimes claims that slimmer 13-inch & 15-inch MacBook Pros are currently in production. The report also suggests that the 2012 MacBook Pro line will retain more advanced specs than the MacBook Air line but will most likely be losing the optical drives like the MacBook Air. The sources inside the supply chain have also hinted that currently 100,000-150,000 MacBook Pro 2012 units are in production.

According to the source:

“The MacBook Pro will no longer have an optical drive enabling thinner designs, the sources indicated. Despite the slim profile, the new devices will feature more advanced specs than the MacBook Air in terms of CPU performance and storage capacity, the sources said.

Production for the next-generation MacBook Pro has already begun with shipments to Apple kicking off in March, the sources noted. Monthly shipments will eventually climb to 900,000 units from the 100,000-150,000 units targeted initially, the sources said.”

Newer notebook models from non-Apple brands were previously expected to hit market shelves earlier, which was seen as a good time to sell prior to Apple’s new product release, but have been postponed due to a revised shipping schedule for Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips


  • Anonymous

    I just bought a 13″ MBP a few weeks ago.  I figured, no reason to wait for the update if they are dropping the optical drive.  I still have a lot of CDs and DVDs that I want to convert to digital, so I wanted the built in super drive.

  • Nick

    I don’t use the optical drive very often, but my 17 inch mbp is my only computer so I want it to be able to do everything. It would be a shame if they got rid of that.

  • wahgee

    I’m with ya!!!

  • Michael 718 Gomez

    Wont it be still available as an accesorie?

  • Got rid of my other computer and only run my Air, no need for an optical drive, seriously when you can use a 32gig USB.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, you can still pick up an external super drive, but I
    want my optical drive onboard.  I don’t
    want to lug around a big external accessory. 
    And if they eliminate the optical drive on the 13”, plus make it
    thinner, what will be the big difference between it and the 13” Macbook
    Air?  A SSD for the Air versus a slight
    spec bump for the Pro?  At that point,
    why even bother having a13” Pro.