The iPhone Podcast Episode 12 Now in iTunes


The moment you’ve been waiting for to cap off your weekend is here, folks. Episode 12 of The iPhone Podcast is now available in iTunes. So go grab yourself a night cap, a snack or whatever and listen up on what Justin Luey and myself have to chat about.

Also, please take a moment to rate us in iTunes. Your honest feedback helps make the show better!

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Jailbreak segment with RoryPiper from

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  • Bbillythekid

    Who really wants to listen to guys talk about the iPhone? I listened to 2 minutes of it and OMG, you have to have no life and be an uber nerd to actually listen to this! Post a column a week or something but this is such a waste of time. I wonder how many people actually follow this and how many of those people are virgins! Appreciate the website but that podcast is beyond boring!

  • Anonymous

    Ha. Well, at least you’re honest. :/