The iPhone Podcast Episode 52 Now Available


A new episode of The iPhone Podcast is now available for all of our listeners, episode 52, recorded by myself and Justin Luey. You can follow all of our news on our blog here. Listen right away via the Soundcloud embed below (you’ll need to click through to the site as it won’t show in your RSS reader)!

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  • FragilityG4

    Just curious as to why you haven’t developed an app …

  • We would have to change the name of the podcast first.

  • Listened to most of it. Nice work. Maps discussion was an interesting one. Will disagree with you guys on one thing – I actually like the Gmail app. it’s much improved after all the updates. Allows me to do the things that are Gmail-specific, like “Starring” emails, and labels. Also searching is much better and I like the conversation view better than in the Mail app. I don’t care about multiple accounts functionality as I only use one anyways.

  • Also, I’ll never switch to an iCloud email address cause the web browser interface is TERRIBLE. Not even close to being as good as Gmail. Gmail all the way! However, I do agree that Google needs to start putting more effort into iOS. They shouldn’t leave us Gmail users behind! So to Justin’s point – I fall into the same category as Gary does, in this regard.

  • Develop an app …. for what? The Podcasts app works fine for this, no!?