Quick Tip: Easy Access to iPod Controls on the iPhone


After showing this tip to a few iPhone user friends, I figured it might
be a good thing to put it up on the iPhone in Canada site.

Suppose you are listening to music on your iPhone and need to pause your
music (or audiobook), your current steps might be:

  1. Press the sleep or home button to get the display to turn on
  2. Slide the “Slide to Unlock” slider
  3. Enter your 4 digit Passcode (optional)
  4. Press the pause button on the iPod controls

In some cases, if you were in the process of doing something else before, you might even have had additional steps to press the home button and the the iPod app to get to the controls.

Well, there is a faster way to do this and it does not require you to unlock your phone at all.

  1. Press the sleep or home button to get the display to turn on
  2. Double-click the home button, the iPod controls will show up (see image)
  3. Press the pause button on the iPod controls

You can reuse the same sequence later to restart your music or audiobook too. I find it very useful especially for audiobooks.

Here is a screen capture of what the controls might look like.


*This tip is for iPhone beginners and is part our new iPhone Quick Tip series*


  • Joyce

    That’s not new. I’ve been using that method since 2.0.

  • Not new, no but still handy. That said, my method is to do this double click the home button twice. This way I’m only messing with one button, not two.

  • Anonymous

    It was just a tip for an already existing feature…

    Some might not of known this exists. So this is helpful for those folks.

    Btw the iPod controls also work for many audio streaming apps. Particularly those which show the play icon beside the battery icon when listening to audio.

  • gordunramsie

    It wasn’t written as a NEW feature, WAKE UP!

    Great tip, I use this daily.

  • Xoneguymudpie

    rush sucks

  • YYZ

    Dug for featuring Rush – the greatest band to walk the earth

  • Ryokosha_

    You don’t have to press the sleep/wake button first…you can just double-tap the home button.

  • Anonymous

    Well you have to get the screen on first, which can be done by either the Home or Sleep/Wake buttons (or even flip the Silent switch on the side for 3G/s phones)

    Simply double-tapping when the screen is off doesn’t do anything until you press it a 3rd time quickly.

  • how did people not know that 😛

  • MTL2112

    You not only give us excellent tips, news and reviews but you listen to The Best Band In The World ! RUSH rules !!! (I’m a fan from Montreal who listen to the boys since 1982)

  • Zonemath

    Works for video as well…

    Start a video
    Turn off the screen (video will stop)
    press play
    video will start (sound only)

    Perfect when you can’t hold your iPhone and sound only is ok.

  • Another way to simply pause the iPhone is to pull the headphone plug out. This is usually how I pause the iPhone when I’m on the go.

  • Guest

    The “shake to shuffle” function also works once you have the controls up…

  • Guest

    The “shake to shuffle” function also works once you have the controls up…

  • Anonymous

    Great tip! Very useful info.

  • JM

    you can actually omit step # 1 – just double tap the home button even if the display is off

  • Don

    I was just going to say that only, you have to triple tap the homw button, double tapping the home button only turns the display on. Unless it’s different for 4.1 and up, I’m still using my JB 4.0 software.

  • yodawg


  • Er… nope. Double-tapping when the screen is off brings up the controls for me. Not sure if it’s an OS or iPhone/iPod issue that’s a discrepancy, but I’m using an iPhone 3Gs and iOS 4.1 and it works for me. That’s how I’ve always brought up the controls. I’ve never had to click the home button a third time.

  • Sal C.


  • Oh yeah!!!!!

  • Elvarsig

    did not know this , thanks

  • Cbl

    Won’t work on my iPhone 4?

  • Sheerluck Holmes

    Good album choice!