Draco V: Aluminum Bumper For iPhone 5 [REVIEW]


I’ve tried and tested a variety of aluminium bumpers for the past two generations of the iPhone and in my experience, each bumper is different from the other, both ergonomically and functionally. Draco Vfor iPhone 5, the latest iteration of aluminium bumpers from Draco Design USA and Deff Corp. Japan, capitalizes on the same ergonomic design of its predecessors i.e Draco IV and Draco IV EVO for iPhone 4/4S, but with a slightily different construction. Let’s take a look!


As you can see in the photos, the Draco V looks pretty cool when paired with a 3D DomeSkin. Like all previous versions, this one also features a two-piece chassis. Installation is also similar to the iPhone 4/4S models. The first noticeable difference in Draco V is however the replacement of rounded volume metal buttons with a volume rocker, that offers pretty decent tactile feedback. At the top, you’ll notice that the power button now sits completely flush with the curved body of the Draco V. Once again, the button has a really good tactile response.




Another noticeably improvement is the much wider bottom cutout, that can easily accommodate a slightly thicker 3.5mm headphone. The Lightning port, mic and speaker are all clearly visible. There is also a nano-SIM port cutout on the side, which quite frankly, is unnecessary. Apart from that, Draco V fully lives up to its predecessors in terms of comfortable ergonomics and premium anodized finish.



Last but not the least is the aluminium bumper’s impact on iPhone 5’s reception. I’m pleased to report that I’ve noticed no deterioration in signal whatsoever during my two weeks of usage. It’s commendable how the company has solved the age-old reception problem with a bumper that is solely made up of metal. Full marks to Draco!



I can safely conclude by saying that Draco V is the best looking iPhone 5 aluminium bumper I’ve come across so far. It is available in 6 different colours and is currently selling for US $89.99 online.


  • cdnchinaman

    This is nice… But have you tried the Sector 5 case by ElementCase? I’ve used their Vapor Pro cases on my iPhone 4/4S and now the Sector 5 case for the iPhone 5… They’re pretty good too. Only thingis the wider bottom for alternate chrarge cables.

  • Not yet but I should be getting my hands on one soon 🙂
    Till then, I’m enjoying the Draco V !

  • Frank

    And i suggest a givaway! I’m sure many of your readers would like to get their hands on this product! Giveaway time!!!

  • Brad in YYC

    Have you measured signal with field test mode case on and off? I have read a number of forums where people had pretty significant drops.

  • No, I haven’t tried that but I can confirm there has been no signal loss or call dropping during my usage. I do remember there was a significant signal loss with the Draco IV on my iPhone 4S, but that was eventually resolved as well with the Draco IV EVO hybrid bumper.

  • Bishopknight1972

    Yeah the phone loses signal with the case. I have it and its at least a 2 bar drop with it on.