Starbucks Canada iPhone App Updated for Mobile Payments


The Starbucks Canada iPhone app was officially released last February as ‘myStarbucks Canada‘, and it lacked the ability for mobile payments, a coveted feature available to our U.S. neighbours down South. That has all changed, as of today.

Starbucks Canada has updated their iPhone app to support mobile payments and iOS 5. Changelog below:

What’s New In Version 2.1
* Mobile Payment
* My Starbucks Rewards
* Passcode protection
* Support for iOS5

The home screen of the app can be edited to customize the location of icon categories. The ‘My Cards’ tab allows users to login or sign up to setup the app to pay with your iPhone and collect rewards. The ‘Stores’ tab on the bottom right gives a fantastic overview of all the locations near you.



A new feature enables the Starbucks app to have a passcode lock to prevent others from spending your balance. A full history of transactions, card balance transfers, and more can be viewed right from the app.

This is the update Starbucks lovers have been waiting for–I can’t wait to try it. Let me know if you were successful paying for your coffee with your iPhone this morning!

Click here to download Starbucks Canada–it’s free.


  • Anonymous

    My local Starbucks in downtown Toronto (Yonge & Adelaide) didn’t seem to know anything about it 🙁

  • Kevlaf

    Same for me on Bank, downtown Ottawa

  • Stephan

    This is what frustrates me about companies jumping on the app / social media bandwagon. Sbux releases an app but it sounds like many of the stores are not prepared to take payment from your device. Another example I encounter all the time is foursquare “specials” – for eg, checking in at a restaurant and getting a free dessert. Most of the time, the waitress (and even the manager) don’t know what I’m talking about, and I sound like a moron having to explain what 4sq is. Companies need to make sure their staff are aware of these sorts of things.

  • Catnip2377

    Used it this morning to pay. No problems.

  • David Y

    As of this morning ,after filtering out the stores that accept Mobile Payment, there is only 2 stores in Toronto so far: Queen’s St E (The Beach) and Yorkdale Indigo.  So this is useless to me ATM.   Let’s hope they roll it out to a bigger number of stores.

  • Agreed 101%!

  • It seems like it will take some time for a full roll out. This isn’t suprising that some stores would have no clue about it.

  • tim

    worked in Surrey BC for me.

  • Guesst

    starbucks burns their coffee anyway… 

  • Krectus

    Trying to add funds to your card through the app links you to paypal which doesn’t accept canadian accounts.  Wow, pretty big fail on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Tried at the Starbucks in Guildford Town Centre just now. It basically turns your phone into a card and all you need to do it to let the shop staff scan the bar code and that’s it. The balance on your device updated right away. I am the first person used this new way to pay at this location. Was fun. Now one less card in my wallet!

  • @38dc29d86077b8c26fddec1162df9d59:disqus   Canadians can use PayPal just fine.  I’ve used PayPal for many many years.  The only issue I’ve had wasn’t PayPal but the Caisse Desjardins deciding one day PayPal is a dangerous way to make transaction and not allowing it anymore.  So I changed of bank and I’m back reusing PayPal.

  • Jimmyboy

    Used it today in Calgary (15th Ave & 14th St).  Worked fine, like another poster said, they just scan the barcode within the ap for the card.  There was no new special equipment in the store, it was the regular barcode scanner they use for their merchandise, and the barista didn’t seem to have to do anything odd on the till.

  • Jimmyboy

    If you have a credit card on file on your profile, it will just pull up your credit card info to reload.  I tried it out, it asks you to re-enter your password & it worked like a charm!

  • DZ

    No problem using it at Yonge & Bloor this morning (former Britnell’s Book Store)

  • T Ell

    Didn’t work in abbostford, idiot whims the counter said it was only for Americans… Didn’t have the energy to argue

  • Krectus

    not that we can’t use it, the app won’t allow the use of non-US paypal accounts.

  • Cheers

    Tried it dwntwn Ottawa (Slater/Metcalfe) yesterday morning, no probs! The cashier litterally said “whoa, cool” when I handed her the phone to scan & as I walked away I heard her tell the other cashier that basically my phone was like a mobile card… Guess I was amongst the first to use it at that location but they didn’t even blink at it.
    As for reloading, I have added a credit card to the account & it litterally took seconds to reload, no PayPal or anything.
    As a SBux fan, I am loving this!!

  • Opus

    No problem using at Starbucks @ Brookfield Place.  The cashier was on the ball and knew exactly what it was and what to do.  I was the first in their store…woohoo!

  • Loyal fans of Starbucks filter coffee will enjoy more with the new payment system. I think its all in the technology to make use of the opportunities available. Mobile payments need not be only based on NFC but an app for the payment can also provide the same facility as that NFC enabled phones.

  • Starbucks Mobile Pay is linked to a prepaid card and I, as many others, just don’t want to be using such cards. There is no reason anyone who can get a credit card should use a prepaid one, which has no effect on your credit score and gives you no rewards. Moreover, why should I get any payment card, which can only be use at Starbucks? If I did that, I should probably do the same for Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and many others? Where would that end? It simply makes no sense to me.

  • nice share iphone app is really handy to use it as a payment  device