Wood Camera: Not Just Another Photo Editing App [Video Review]


This isn’t news, I love taking pictures with my iPhone 4S. Photography has become a huge part of the iPhone, and thus we see a TON of photo editing apps in the App Store. So many so, it can be tough to distinguish them all.

But Wood Camera from Bright Mango really sets itself apart, and has moved up to one of the top editing apps on my phone.

What I really like about Wood Camera is the ability to get live previews of the various filters – or lenses as they’re called in the app – before you actually take the picture. This way I don’t have to spend a lot of time in post processing. I can select the edit before I take the picture.

Even better, if after the picture is taken I’m not happy with the way it turned out, I can simply change the filters again within the app. I can even revert it back to the original picture with no filters applied.

There are a lot of other great editing features within the app as you’ll see in my video review. So please have a look at Wood Camera in action.

At only $2, I don’t think you can go wrong with Wood Camera. It’s so simple to use and offers just the right amount of editing options so you don’t feel as though it’s too overwhelming.

Let me know what you think.

As a bonus, I have a free copy of Wood Camera to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment below as to why you’d love to give Wood Camera a try. I’ll pick a winner 24 hours after this post goes live and I’ll post the winner right here.


The winner of the free copy of Wood Camera – chosen at random – is…… K Longpre. Congratulations. I’ll be sending you the App Store code to the email address you provided when you posted the comment. Thanks for everyone that entered.


  • Scot Zawada

    I am an avid photographer with my DSLR, but don’t always have it with me so the iPhone is a great standby.  Regularly use Photoshop and Light Room for editing.  Would love to try this one for my creative side.

  • Weebsurfer

    I’m seeing this being used more on instagram, which I’m friggin hooked on! Usually find myself refreshing that feed more than twitter. I’d love to add some flair with this app! Thanks for the chance.

  • K Longpre

    I would use this app with new born baby who is due next month! You can never have enough photos to take on your iPhone.

  • 1websurfer

    I am creating photography book. Could really use this!

  • Steven

    Interesting stuff. Love to try it out

  • Truchostyle05

    I’d love to win this app to give it to a friend as a gift. I purchased it a while ago and I know she’ll like it as much as I do!

  • Elliot

    I would love this app because I love taking pictures/editing them in a really unique and creative way. I use Instagram for all the features they offer but from the features Wood Camera has, I could see my friends and family asking where I got them done, secretly it would all be done in a few seconds on my phone.

  • Harry

    quick, easy and simple to use…need this in my life.

  • Oclement

    You should take a look at Camera360 then, it offers exactly that plus a few more feature from what I understand. It’s pretty fast and has almost all the features that Camera+ offers as well. A eat one I love.

  • Ramklov

    Photosynth is my fav camera app. It allows me to take pics in ALL DIRECTIONS, not just a panorama in one direction like 360. AND it’s free. I downloaded virtually all camera apps and have yet to be impressed as I am with this. It even takes the shots automatically as you approach a certain point on the screen. Will Wood Camera make me happier…….maybe………maybe not……..hmmmm