Stories by Kris Meador

Here’s Our Unboxing of a 128GB Gold iPhone 6s Plus [VIDEO]

iPhone launch day has again graced us (again) folks! Here is my quick unboxing video of my 128GB Gold iPhone 6s Plus, which I quickly grabbed via Reserve and Pick Up today in Edmonton (I don’t have time for lines anymore!). I’m really excited to put this phone through some tests compared to my iPhone...

Sending My Apple Watch Back To Apple For Repair [VIDEO]

So you may remember a while back I posted that I mysteriously got a scratch on the face of my Apple Watch Sport. Well over the past seven days, I’ve encountered more problems with the watch than I care to admit. Yes, the touch screen of my Apple Watch has been failing miserably. As I […]

LEGO Minifigures Online is Making The Jump To iOS [VIDEO]

A new LEGO video game is making its way to your iOS devices later this month. LEGO Minifigures Online is coming out of beta on June 29th and is no longer free-to-play. If you’re not familiar with LEGO Minifigures Online, it’s a video games based on LEGO’s popular minifigures line of toys. You can collect […]

Skylanders Trap Team Teleports Onto Your iPad [VIDEO REVIEW]

If you’re into gaming or have kids, you’ve probably heard about Skylanders. It burst onto the scene in 2011 and is now making the jump from console to mobile. Lets’s take a look at Activisions Skylanders Trap Team for the iPad. Trap Team is the latest instalment in the Skylanders series. If you’re not familiar with […]

How to Update Your Apple Watch OS to 1.0.1 [VIDEO]

Earlier today, Apple released its first ever software update for Apple Watch, releasing 1.0.1 of the smartwatch OS. Here’s a full video tutorial to show you a walkthrough of the process: Remember, you need to have your Apple Watch within range of your iPhone, connected to the charger and have at least 50% charge....