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iPhone 5 camera

Canon Point and Shoot Sales Feel the Pressure from Smartphones

Canon lowered its sales forecast for its compact models by 19.5%, and …


Rumour: Unlocked iPhone 5 Sales to Hit Apple Stores in Late November

The launch of the iPhone 5 this year brought changes as factory …


Dropbox for iOS Updated with iPhone 5 Support and Bug Fixes

Dropbox for iOS has been update to support the iPhone 5’s larger …

Aftermarket iPhone 5 back panel

Aftermarket iPhone 5 Back Panels Now Available For $99

If you didn’t opt for a case right from the start, you …

Web Traffic Share by Mobile Phone

iPhone Dominates Smartphone Web Traffic, But Android King of Platforms

How does one measure mobile dominance? One might say – by assessing …


CBC’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Spoofs the ‘iPad Mini’ and iPhone [WATCH]

CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes emailed us to tell about their …

iPhone 5 assembly line Foxconn

iPhone 5 Supply Shortages Caused By Foxconn

The main cause of the iPhone 5 supply shortages has been made …


Will it Blend? Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III [VIDEO]

If you’re a fan of Blendtec, then you probably are somewhat addicted …


iPhone 5 Is Way Faster Than New iPod Touch [Benchmark Scores]

Most of us (including myself) believe that the new iPod touch, that …


SNL Skit Targets the ‘Problems’ of the iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

SNL host Christina Applegate talked about the “glitches and design flaws” with …


iOS 6 GUI PSD For iPhone 5 Is Now Available For Download [Free]

Teehan+Lax has just released iOS 6 GUI PSD for the iPhone 5, which …


iPhone 5 Web Traffic Surpasses the Galaxy S III in 18 Days Says Chitika

The latest report from ad firm Chitika shares insight into the web …