Is Swype Coming To iOS 7 As VP Confirms Talks With Apple?


Aaron Sheedy, the VP of Swype at Nuance, has confirmed on Reddit today that the company is in talks with Apple to bring Swype’s typing technology to iOS in the future. It is likely that Apple may work with Nuance and utilise their revolutionary Swype keyboard technology to develop a completely new typing experience, possibly for the upcoming iOS 7 update.


Sheedy confirmed the talks during an “ask me anything” (AMA) thread on Reddit. Below is the question one Redditor asked Mr. Aaron:

“I was curious as to whether you’ve ever had any contact with Apple. Any conversations to see if they might have been interested in licensing your technology?”


“Hah. The million (ok billion) $ questions. Yes, we have chatted with them, they are very smart and nice”.

Of course this does not in any way suggest that Apple has made any commitment with them, it does reflect that the chats between the two companies went well.


  • Al

    Holy speculation batman!

  • never liked it, you have to spend to much time teaching it. Its like the old dragon dictate, when you trained it it was great but it took forever

  • Jennifer M

    Same here. Used it on several Android phones and didn’t care for it.
    More often than not I let Siri do my typing and it’s incredibly accurate for me.

  • Yermumma

    Well there’s your problem…. Android phones. Pretty much all keyboard layouts suck on them. If this came to iOS while still utilizing the same keyboard and autocorrection, it might actually work!