How To Hide / Unhide Your App Store Purchases In iOS


With iOS 5 and iCloud introduction, tons of new stuff can be done which previously wasn’t possible. One of them is the ability to hide your previously bought applications from the App Store. This is actually pretty handy especially if you share your iTunes & App Store account with someone else, say your wife, and you don’t want her to find out about a certain app that you recently bought. We’ll show how this can be done on your iPhone or iPad.

Simply follow these steps to hide an app:

Step 1:

Open up the App Store on your device.

Step 2:

Now tap the Updates tab you see at the bottom (iPhone) or directly tap the Purchased tab (iPad).

Step 3:

Here you’ll be looking at the Purchased tab (iPhone). Simply swipe left to right on a purchased app and a red “hide” button will appear.

Step 4:

Tap that and you are done, the purchase is hidden.

And here are the steps to unhide an app:

Step 1:

Choose the Featured tab at the bottom and scroll down till you see “Apple ID“.

Step 2:

Now press View Account from the popup menu. Enter your login info when asked.

Step 3:

You’ll find Hidden Purchases button here. Press it and then tap Unhide button to make an app visible in the purchased apps list.

Thats it, Enjoy!

(Thanks to Louis-Mario for the tip)


  • Kirk

    This is pretty handy but I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t care who i’m with I would NEVER sure my apple ID itunes account with anyone…I’ll tell them to make their own! lol…. and if they need help with doing so then I will help. Thanks for the tip tho.

  • Patrick

    Great info!  Thanks for the article 🙂

  • Melendez00

    Great. Instructions were clear. I never would have known how to unhide my apps. Thanks

  • Justin Pdx

    Glad I don’t have to spend $3 on the same app. Tyvm.

  • MB

    Thannk you! My son hid a brand new movie from his ipod, and I could not figure out how to get it back!

  • inotel54

    how can you hide/unhide stuff with ios 6 ??

  • sonic10158

    The swiping to reveal hide/unhide no longer works on movies in iOS 7’s itunes. Instead, it scrolls the entire list of movies to the side.