Chronic to Unlock your iPhone on Rogers, Fido, Telus or Koodo for $90-$160


Rogers/Fido and Telus/Koodo offer official iPhone unlocking for those at the end of their contracts with accounts in good standing, for a fee of $50. These are permanent factory unlocks for your iPhone, to enable you to pop in any microSIM card from around the world.

Now, according to Will Strafach, also known as @chronic in the jailbreak community, he is offering factory unlocks for Canadian carriers. According to his tweet, Rogers/Fido unlocks are $160 each and Telus/Koodo are $90 each.

We followed up with Will via email to ask about the legitimacy of these unlocks and the requirements. He reassured us they are “totally update-proof”, and he only requires an IMEI and model (from the About screen) to unlock your device. This iPhone unlock does not require a jailbreak.

Of course, we haven’t tried out the unlock process via Strafach, but he does add further unlocks for the iPhone 5 will be “likely possible” soon after release. If you’re interested in trying this out, send him an email and let us know how it goes.


  • Mars

    This is nothing new, a search on kijiji will get you several places that this can be done, and a bit cheaper too. I got mine done at a store in brampton for $120. Was done in about 4 days and works perfectly on my iphone4

  • Hi Mars. Do you remember what store it was? I want to get mine unlocked.

  • swotam

    Interesting. Curious about why the price is different between carriers. More work required for Rogers/Fido vs Koodo/Telus, or does Chronic actually incur a cost himself that is passed along to the customer?

  • Hypnotoad

    Are you sure that they offered a factory unlock?

  • Mars

    It was definitely factory unlock. All I gave them was my IMEI and 4 days later I hooked up to itunes and got the famous ‘congratulations your iphone is unlocked’ message.

  • Bcsc

    I paid 15 for my S3. Sure am glad I don’t own an iPhone. Nothing but a cash drain.

  • Mars

    Chronic isn’t doing this himself, just reselling an existing service that costs about $105 for rogers/fido. As to why the difference in price, not sure I’m guessing they have contacts at the different carriers who just charge different prices (maybe based on the risk of getting caught?)

  • Rüster

    Why would I pay $90 when Telus will do it for $50? Does anyone else find that odd?

  • People who would seek this service would be those early in a 3 year contract that want to take their iPhone traveling. Telus won’t unlock unless it’s the end of your contract.

  • Mars

    Gary come on! According to your own site 🙂 telus will unlock your phone after 90 days on contract:

  • Yes, I know that. But that requires you to sign up for three months even if it is month to month, it will cost you.

  • Dffq

    Why the hell are you even on this? Apple fans don’t give a shit to go on your android sites… Honestly get a life.

  • I’ve seen the ad on our local Kijiji as well. Without doubt it’s someone with access to Apples unlocked IMEI database and they are inserting the unlocks into it once you pay your fee.

    My worry is that if and when the carriers kick up a fuss, or Apple discovers what has been happening…the unlocks will suddenly be rescinded and you find your device locked once again, minus the $100+ you paid for it originally.

    There is no way this is 100% above board.

  • swotam

    Ya, I sort of assumed that was the case, especially since he’s soliciting vendors in a few countries to contact him re: this offer on Twitter. I expect he has deals in place with carrier vendors in each country who can perform the unlock on his behalf and there’s a cost associated to him for each one done that is marked up and passed on to the customer.


    You would have to buy off your contract to do it for $50. If you just signed up they will not do it for you. Scenario: You get a phone today. You are leaving in two weeks for vacation for a month and want to use your iPhone.

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  • Sokly

    Why still expensive for unlock iphone Fido

  • dhom

    do you unlock iphone 5 from Rogers?

  • conan

    iphone 5 – fido carrier locked? can you unlock? price?

  • dariel

    i contact him and he says he does not do it . any one know of other website who can do it

  • I have an iPhone 5 with Fido I tried going with another unlock company but they said they weren’t able to find an unlock code for my iPhone does that mean that you guys wont be able to either?

  • Rawr

    Do you unlock rogers iphone 5 ?

  • lollol78

    RogersUnlocks.Com Works Great The Phone That I was told by fido could not be unlocked they did in less then 24h