Fix iPhone SMS Voicemail Notification For Rogers & Fido

Hey everyone, here we go with another quality post on how to tweak your iPhone for all you Canadians out there. Now, my GSM provider is Fido (which is owned by Rogers) in Canada. The problem for iPhone users out there is that those on firmware version 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 lack the SMS voicemail notification whenever you get voicemail. Instead of the regular SMS message received to your inbox, nothing is sent.

Apple solved this problem with the latest 1.1.2 firmware update. However, there are many people out there who don’t want to bother with the hassle of updating to the latest firmware, I am going to show you today how to fix the iPhone SMS voicemail notification for Rogers and Fido (some Rogers users have voicemail notification on 1.1.1)! This process is really simple…here we go!

How to Fix the iPhone SMS Voicemail Notification Problem (Rogers & Fido users are probably smiling right now)


Step 1: Make sure you have AppTapp Installer installed. Open Installer (I was using Installer Version 3)

Step 2: Go to “Sources” and click “Edit”. Click “Add” and enter another source, “” if you don’t have it installed already. Click “OK”.

Step 3: Go to “Install” and then go to “Unlocking Tools”, then go to “SMS Fix” and install it. Reboot your iPhone.

That’s it! Now, call yourself and leave yourself a voice message. You should now receive the SMS voicemail alert that everyone receives! Sweet!


-I’m on Fido Pay As You Go, and the “red dot” still appears over the Voicemail button. Not sure if this is the same with Rogers users–let me know in the comments!

-Some people have said that voicemail works in 1.1.1 if you’re on Rogers (it depends on what SIM card you have–old or new).

-This SMS fix is apparently taken from the 1.1.2 firmware–which saves you the time to update!

-If you’re on Rogers, you may need a new SIM card for this to work. You can just call customer service and ask for a new 4000 series SIM card. They will replace your old SIM for free.

The screenshot to show that it really works:

iPhone SMS Fix

Credit goes to the team! Thanks!

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