The Top iPhone Optimized Websites

One of the best features by far on the iPhone is the powerful Safari browser. Finally mobile users can experience one of the best web experiences on a cell phone (I sound like Steve Jobs, haha)! Anyways, there are websites out there that are optimized for the iPhone’s 480×320 resolution touch screen, whether it’s in landscape or portrait mode. The following iPhone optimized websites are ones that I’ve come across on the internet and bookmarked. For those new Canadian iPhone owners out there, these websites might come in handy.

Google – Let’s start off with the big boy on the block, Google. Ever since the iPhone has been released by Apple, Google has slowly been releasing websites that have been optimized for the iPhone. Check out the Google homepage for the iPhone here:

Google on the iPhoneGoogle iPhone Homepage More

Google Reader: Another awesome layout from Google. Keep track of your RSS feeds here. Add my RSS feed if you haven’t already. 😉

Google Reader for the iPhone

Gmail – Everybody’s favorite email application is optimized for the iPhone. I’ll be posting about setting up your Gmail IMAP on the iPhone soon.

Gmail for the iPhone

Picasa – Google’s popular image application has been freshly released today and optimized for the iPhone…keep those web apps coming, Google!

Picasa for iPhone

Facebook – Also known as “crackbook”, Facebook mobile for the iPhone makes wasting time even better!

Facebook iPhone

Apple’s Web Apps Page – Find one of the biggest directories of websites optimized for the iPhone here. This should be your first bookmark.

Apple Web Applications Page

Bejeweled – This classic game gets even better when you’re playing it on your iPhone:

Bejeweled for the iPhone

BBC Podcasts (beta) – Listen to all your favorite BBC podcasts here, streaming from the BBC.

BBC Podcast for the iPhone

CBS News – Get all your headlines from CBS here–can you believe there is no SPORTS category?!

CBC News for the iPhone

Digg – Everybody’s favorite website looks great on the iPhone…can you digg it?

Digg on the iPhone

The Food Network – For all you foodies out there, check out The Food Network’s optimized website for all your recipe needs! Yes, that’s right, The Food Network! This site isn’t even advertised! Recipes are organized by Ingredient, Chef/Host, Holidays, and Everyday Meals.

Food Network on the iPhoneFood Network on the iPhone

Gridgets – this page can be customized with different web apps and can act as your homepage. You can even add NES Duck Hunt, a gas app, and digg!

Gridgets for the iPhone

JiveTalk beta for iPhone v0.9.1 – One of my favorite instant messaging applications, JiveTalk lets you sign into multiple IM accounts at the same time. Here, you can see that I’m logged into MSN Messenger and Google Talk. All of my contacts are displayed and can be accessed easily. Definitely one of the best IM web apps by far!

Jivetalk for the iPhone - Instant Messaging

meebo – Another great IM app, this one lets you sign into MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL, and Yahoo!

meebo IM for the iPhone

JiWire – is a WiFi finder that lets you search and locate all the free WiFi hotspots in your area by ZIP or postal code!

jiwire for the iPhone

Leaflets – these small, mobile web-apps can act as a great start page for your iPhone. They mention that more apps will come in the future. Definitely work checking out.

Leaflets Homepage for the iPhone

seeqpod – this site works awesome for the PC for all your music searching needs. Find a particular mp3 and listen to it streaming!

Seeqpod for the iPhone

Zinio – magazines for the iPhone! Check out full-sized pages with full content (minus the centerfolds from *ahem* certain magazines, wink wink!).

Zinio Magazines for the iPhone

POP Take Out – Love social networking sites? This simple web app displays the latest headlines from Digg, Reddit, del.ici.ous, Trailrank, and Newsvine. If you’re a headline junkie, this site will keep you busy for hours!

POP Take Out - Social Networking Sites on the iPhone

Well, there you have it. These are the iPhone optimized websites that I have bookmarked on my Safari browser. If you have any other worthy websites, please let me know! I’m off to bed, look forward to another update tomorrow!

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