A Boxing Day Blog Update

Hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas everyone! I know some of you out there got a “white Christmas”…let’s hope you didn’t shovel too much snow! 😉 Anyways, you may have noticed a few minor changes to this blog. I’ve recently added a couple of new plugins.

One of them is the “Buy me a beer/latte” plugin. I get tonnes of reader emails saying thanks for making this website. You’re more than welcome, I say! However, if you want to show your appreciation to another level, feel free to “Buy me a beer/latte!”. I already received my first beer from Kevin R.–thanks mate! I love drinking coffee whenever I’m blogging (and beer during hockey games of course) or just hanging out. So yeah, just wanted to throw that out there with everybody! Remember, beer/latte or not, I’m going to keep on posting about my experience owning an unlocked iPhone in Canada! 🙂

Another recent plugin is the MyAvatar add on, which puts an “avatar” (small thumbnail picture) beside your comment, taking the picture from MyBlogLog. If you haven’t signed up for MyBlogLog (owned by Yahoo!) already, it’s a great community to discover new websites out there! Please support iPhone in Canada by joining our MyBlogLog Community! I hope this will help this website grow in the future.

Also, for all you commenters out there (thanks by the way), I recently added the Threaded Comments plugin that enables you to reply to individual comments on this blog. It makes the experience a lot more interactive and interesting if you’re having a great discussion with another reader. It will work great for this post on Buying an Unlocked iPhone from iPhoneNow.ca, which already has 26 comments!

Anyways, I hope you’ve all had a great Boxing Day (how much did you spend?). I’ve come down with a cold today, so I’m off to bed now. Expect a post about how to update your firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 when I’m no longer under the weather and ready to go. Laters! 🙂

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