StealthSIM: Unlock Your 1.1.2 iPhone TODAY!

Invisible Shield for iPhone
How Many of You Are Waiting for the 1.1.2 Unlock?

Let me guess–you drove down to the USA, bought your iPhone for $399US, and are patiently waiting for the iPhone Dev Team to come out with their free 1.1.2 firmware software unlock. I can just imagine the hundreds of Canadians out there just scouring the internet for news on unlocking the 4.6 bootloader that exists on OTB 1.1.2 iPhones with Rogers or Fido! Must be frustrating, right?

Guess What! Your Wait is Over!

Are you tired of waiting? Want to use your iPhone within a week? You can do that today! Lots of my friends who have purchased 1.1.2 iPhones from the States now have their iPhones working thanks to the StealthSIM. That’s right folks–it’s similar to the TurboSIM, however this time around the prices have dropped and there is lots of stock. All you have to do is “jailbreak” your 1.1.2 iPhone, modify your SIM card slightly, then insert your Rogers/Fido SIM + StealthSIM into your iPhone and BAM–you’ll be calling your jealous friends in no time!

How Much Does the StealthSIM Cost?

The cost for a StealthSIM is $99US in Canada from iPhone The Solution (an official Canadian retailer of the StealthSIM), and Express shipping is $25.75 to anywhere in Canada. So for less than the cost of the TurboSIM, you get virtually the same product that will be delivered to you in less than a week!

But it gets better! Enter the coupon code “IPHONECA” and you will get $5 off your StealthSIM order from iPhoneTheSolution. This is the cheapest price on the internet! Feel free to tell your friends about this deal!

The StealthSIM is the easiest and simplest way to unlock your new 1.1.2 iPhone. Tutorials and videos are included on the iPhone The Solution website, offering easy step by step instructions.

Website screen shots:

iphonethesolution.JPG stealthsim.jpg

The StealthSIM works for over 100 GSM carriers along with Rogers, AT&T, FIDO, T-Mobile,  Vodaphone, ORANGE,  Virgin , Mobile, and o2 to name a few.

What Are the StealthSIM Instructions? 

Instructions are simple and the following guide (along with pictures) is provided by iPhone the Solution.

Need more? Watch the following step-by-step video tutorial on how to unlock your 1.1.2 iPhone:

Why Should I Buy the StealthSIM?

With the 1.1.3 firmware update around the corner, the cat and mouse “jailbreak/activate” game between Apple and the iPhone Dev Team will enter another round. We don’t know if 1.1.3 can be “jailbreaked” or unlocked.There are lots of shady Chinese knockoffs out there for StealthSIM and TurboSIM solutions. Purchase your unlock solution from a company within Canada and have the peace of mind knowing that it will arrive in the mail!

So if you want to use an iPhone, it would be highly recommended to pick up a StealthSIM while they are still in stock–because once they are gone, you could very well end up waiting forever for another unlock to be released! Click here to buy your StealthSIM!

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