The Easiest Way To Transfer Ringtones to Your iPhone (Contest!)

Putting ringtones on your iPhone can be an easy task if you know how to do it. With 1.0.2, it was very easy using iBrickr to transfer ringtones to and from your iPhone. With 1.1.1, a bit more work was involved to get ringtones to your iPhone via SSH. With 1.1.2 it’s also fairly simple to add ringtones as iTunes enables you to do so (I’ll post these guides later). However, if you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to put ringtones on you iPhone, minus all the hackery, then I have to say iPhoneRingToneMaker is definitely one of the best out there!

iPhoneRingToneMaker was one of the first applications made to transfer ringtones to your iPhone. What makes the application so great? Well, you can easily locate, edit, create, and transfer a ringtone to your iPhone in literally less than 30 seconds. The GUI is really simple to use and it’s clear that they made this program for people of all levels of ability to use. I was curious about iPhoneRingToneMaker so I emailed them asking for a trial version to test and review. They quickly obliged and here are the results of my findings.

This small application looks like this on the start up. To make a ringtone, just locate an audio file on your computer. Next, once it’s opened, just drag a start and stop slider to edit the size/time of your ringtone. Click “create” and you’re done! You can preview your ringtone at any time.


To transfer your ringtone, ensure your iPhone is plugged into your computer. Click “Send Ringtone to iPhone” and that’s it! iPhoneRingToneMaker lets you view your ringtones library on your iPhone, and advanced options let you control the fade in/out of each song, and even add volume boost.


iPhoneRingToneMaker would be an awesome application if it was free, however it’s not. It costs a reasonable $7.50 for a copy of the program. Given how easy and simple it was to locate, edit, create, and transfer ringtones to your iPhone, I think it is definitely worth the small investment. If you are comfortable with using other methods to add ringtones, that’s fine too.

iPhoneRingToneMaker Contest Giveaway!

Anyways, I asked the creators of iPhoneRingToneMaker if they would be willing to donate free copies of their software for iPhone in Canada readers–they agreed! Three lucky readers will receive a FREE copy of iPhoneRingToneMaker! All you have to do is post a comment below and I will draw 3 names from a hat. If you want three extra entries into this contest, post about this contest on your blog and link back this post. This is what I’m looking for:

iPhone in Canada is giving away three copies of iPhoneRingToneMaker. All you have to do is post a comment in this contest thread and you can win!

The contest will close on 11:59PM, Tuesday, January 15th. Only one comment per person. Good luck and tell your friends! 🙂

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