Billiards Time: Play Pool On the iPhone!

These iPhone application developers are amazing. They are constantly coming out with cool programs for the iPhone. Are you looking for one of the latest games for the iPhone? Check out the latest pocket billiard game courtesy of

Installing and playing this Pool app made me think of my days with Virtual Pool via the PC (does anyone remember that game?!). Anyways, the game is fairly simple and allows you some options to change up a few settings. Here are the instructions to install the game (via

The object of the game is to pocket all colored balls, using as few strokes as possible. The order of pocketing is free. If the cue ball (white) is pocketed, one of the previously pocketed balls is placed back on the table.
The number of strokes is shown on the left top corner of the table.

pool_iphone3.jpg pool_iphone1.jpg pool_iphone2.jpg

How to make a shot:
First select direction of the shot. Touch the screen and the cue will be directed towards touch position.
Then select shot power. Touch on the power selection area (on the right side of the screen) and drag. The number on the top will show the power of the shot (1 to 100). Release your finger from the screen to make a shot.
Use Settings page to customize game options. 

Pool for the iPhone is here! It’s pretty simple to play, just another app for you to install on your iPhone (and most likely uninstall later on once you get bored of it!). How to install Pool on your iPhone? Here are a few simple instructions:

  • Add the following “source” to Installer:
  • Go to the Games category and install Pool.
  • You’re done!

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