The Great Canadian iPhone Petition!

The iPhone is going to come to Canada–it has to. Let’s just think about this for a minute. Users in Europe have already experienced the amazing Apple iPhone launched there, yet the United States’ biggest trading partner and neighbour is still looking in from the outside? It just doesn’t add up.

So today that is all going to change. We’ve all heard about the “iPhone is coming to Canada” rumors, yet every single time they always never come true. Well, today folks that is all going to change! We’re going to take matters into our own hands try to get an official response from Rogers and Apple regarding the launch date of the iPhone in Canada.

Announcing The Great Canadian iPhone Petition

I’ve teamed up with to launch The Great Canadian iPhone Petition. That’s right folks, we’d love to hear from Rogers and Apple and with your help, we can make it happen. How will this work you ask? Well, if we can get enough people to sign the online petition, we could be one step closer to getting the iPhone in Canada. What do you have to lose? I implore you to put down your name in support of the iPhone in Canada!

Can we show Rogers and Apple our support to launch the iPhone in Canada? In the words of Barack Obama: “YES WE CAN!”. I think everybody would fully support the iPhone being launched here. The demand for the iPhone in Canada is very clear. Let’s collaborate and broadcast that demand for the iPhone online! Want to show your support?

CLICK HERE to sign the Great Canadian iPhone Petition! Forward this blog post to your friends and family!

P.S. If you run a .ca site and you’ve reprinted the story with a link to the petition page, send us the URL and we’ll add your site to the list below.

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