How to Watch Live TV on the iPhone with Orb

When I saw Orb in my “Recent” category via Installer, I felt a little tingling sensation inside of me. Immediately I thought to myself “Could this be the Orb I’ve used to watch TV remotely with my PC?” Of course I answered my own question after installing the Orb application on my iPhone!

The recently released OrbLive iPhone app will let you watch live TV on your iPhone! How to do this? Well, for starters you will require a PC with a TV tuner card installed. How Orb works is that your PC will stream the live broadast over the internet and your iPhone will be the happy recipient of live TV! Just imagine the possibilies with a 3G iPhone or via WiFi…take your TV on the go with the iPhone!

The cool thing about Orb is that you can also access downloaded TV shows, movies, and music on your computer all via the web. So now you can really take advantage of your iPhone’s capabilities with TV in your pocket. Just don’t expect the battery life to last forever though.

Check out the following video that shows the true capabilities of OrbLive on your iPhone. I don’t have my desktop with my TV tuner anymore, but maybe now is the time to get one going again…

If you have OrbLive installed for the iPhone and you have it working correctly, let us know how it works out for you!

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