Rogers iPhone 3G Data Plans Announced!

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Rogers iPhone 3G Data Plan Pricing Revealed on their Website

Okay, I’d like to apologize about the previous $30 unlimited confirmation. Looks like my source will have to “disappear” if you know what I mean. Note to self: never trust anyone, ever again! But let’s get onto the REAL news of today…

Regardless of that, today Rogers announced their iPhone 3G data plans. After getting the info immediately from the community, reading the plans made me think do a double take. Let’s take a look at what Rogers has “to offer” shall we?

$60 Voice/Data Gives you…

150 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends (are you for real?!)
400MB data
75 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text messages (this has always been the case, advertising it makes it seems special)
Unlimited Voicemail (those capped voicemails inboxes are gone forever…)

$75 Voice/Data Gives you…
300 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends
750MB data
100 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text/voicemail

$100 Voice/Data Gives you…
600 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends
1GB data
200 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text/voicemail

$115 Voice/Data Gives you…
800 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends
2GB data
300 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text/voicemail

According to the official Rogers press release…this is what the above data will give you “access” to:

Data Usage – What You Get
Data Usage   Online Applications
400 MB       up to 200,000 text emails or 3,100 web pages or 1,360 photo
750 MB       up to 380,000 text emails or 5,900 web pages or 2,560 photo
1 GB         up to 524,000 text emails or 8,000 web pages or 3,500 photo
2 GB         up to 1,048,000 text emails or 16,000 web pages or 7,000
photo attachments

This pricing includes:
– unlimited Wi-Fi access at all Rogers and Fido Hotspots. (wowsers!)

Two voice value packs:
$15/month: Caller ID, Who Called, Caller Ring Trax, 2,500 Sent Text Messages and 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes
$20/month: Caller ID, Who Called, Caller Ring Trax, 10,000 Sent Text Messages and 6:00 p.m. Early Evening Calling and 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes.

Special note: Fido customers with the $20/month plan get 5pm evenings…they are LUCKY!

All I have to say right now is WOW…these plans definitely are not what we expected. No unlimited plan as we had predicted in the past, but these plans are…I hate to say it…a start. The $60 plan starts with 400MB of data. Granted that is 400MB, but can you imagine how fast you would use that up with YouTube?? Sure, the stats say you can visit 3100 webpages, that makes it about 100 webpages/day.

What really gets to me about the starting $60 plan is the 150 daytime minutes. That is not a lot of minutes at all and people will have overages–that’s where Rogers will make its money on you! So many other voice plans out there include more than 150 minutes. This makes me feel like we’re moving backwards here…help me…I’m dizzy!

Caller ID you ask? The only way to get that is to add on one of the “voice value packs”. The cheapest one is $15/month, so you’re already looking at $75/month for using the iPhone 3G. Yikes. Let’s do a quick calculation…

How much is an iPhone 3G going to cost me over my mandatory 3 year contract?

Let’s say you choose the $60 plan as a bare minimum plus the $15/month voice value pack…

$199 iPhone 3G after taxes (in BC at least) = $224.87

$60 voice/data plan + $15 voice value pack + $6.95 SAF = 81.95 + GST/PST = $92.60/month

$92.60 x 36 months (3 year contract) = 3333.60 + $224.87 = $3558.47 over 3 years!

Divide that cost over the span of 3 years to include the iPhone 3G, you’re looking at roughly $99/month to use the iPhone 3G in Canada with Rogers. Are you going to add this new cost to the already increasing cost of living in this country? It really depends on your needs, and if you have the extra cash to spare.

Well done Rogers, well done. Kudos for offering plans with great value to Canadians! Right now Rogers shareholders are probably rejoicing as they will know that Canadians will continue to get gouged for voice/data plans, compared to the rest of the world.

Want to voice your thoughts on these Rogers iPhone 3G data plans? Join us over in the Forums for more heated discussion (in particular this exploding thread)!

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