Rogers Confirms: No Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone 3G

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Sometimes even our concerted efforts go to waste. I’m thinking of the recent negative press with Rogers iPhone 3G data plans ( is now past 50,000 signatures). Canadians want unlimited data–it’s already being offered by Bell and Telus. We don’t like having a “cap” on data, so we can get dinged excessive overages for using past our allotted amount.

Anyways, the following email response by the famous Rogers representative, Elizabeth Hamilton, to local celebrity, Buzz Bishop, reaffirms that we won’t be seeing an unlimited data plan for the iPhone 3G anytime soon.

Regarding Unlimited Data Plans:

“…You may have asked a question regarding unlimited data plans and while not all carriers of iPhone 3G are offering unlimited plans, I can’t speak to the business models or pricing strategies of other carriers or in other countries, but for Rogers, we believe that unlimited data plans could well charge our customers for more than they actually use.”

What about Existing Rogers Customers Wanting to Upgrade?

“If an existing customer, they can check their upgrade eligibility and keep their voice and smartphone data plan or sign up for another plan that suits their needs. We have flex rate data plans, a variety of voice plans and sms packs, as well as features that can be selected as a value pack or a la carte to suit our customers’ needs.”

Well there you have it. We can only hope that data prices will come down in the future, but until that actually happens, Canadians will continue to voice their opinions, but suck it up and deal with it…the countdown is on people!

You can read the rest of the email here–Thanks Buzz!

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