Preparing for Tomorrow’s iPhone 3G Launch

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One more day to go folks! Tomorrow is the big iPhone 3G launch in Canada and it’s been a long time coming. Many people have been eagerly waiting for this very day for over a year (unless you’ve been using an unlocked first generation). Let’s talk about some last minute housekeeping tips to prepare for tomorrow’s launch…

Rogers Plus Locations – Media Coverage

New press releases have been announced today giving some more details on tomorrow’s big launch at Rogers Plus locations. They are calling it “Media Opportunity – Calling all iPhone 3G fans

What: In celebration of Canada’s iPhone 3G launch on Friday, July 11, select Rogers Plus stores will roll out the red carpet offering customers a special breakfast event and a chance to win one of many Rogers Wireless prizes including hot-ticket Live Nation concert passes, t-shirts, music CDs and more. Here’s the info for Vancouverites:

Where: Rogers Plus Store
2097 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

When: Friday, July 11
7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Interview/Photo Op:
– 7:00 a.m.: Special breakfast activities for soon-to-be
iPhone 3G owners in line and awaiting early store opening
– 7:30 – 7:50 a.m.: In-store product demo and interview
opportunity with Rogers spokesperson
– 7:59 a.m.: Countdown begins for early store opening
– 8:00 a.m.: Doors open, first official iPhone 3G transaction
begins in Vancouver

Getting the Most out of your new iPhone 3G Plan

My situation is that I’m 8 months into a one year contract which does not qualify me for the hardware upgrade. So it looks like if I am going to get iPhone 3G I will have to sign a brand new 3 year contract (and give my retention plan to my mistress). The official word right now is that you MUST have a minimum $30 voice plan to be eligible for the 6GB data plan.

For those of you new sign ups, here are some possible plans under $100 (thanks to nigel for starting this thread:)

From repoman:
My5 35 Mega Value Plan (unlimited long distance talk and text to 5 numbers + 250 Anytime minutes + UNL. E &WE) – $35
6GB of Data – $30
$11 Value Pack (call display, enhanced voicemail, 125 texts, whocalled) – $11
SAF + 911 – $7.50
SubTotal – $83.50
Total – $94.36/mo including taxes.


Mega Time 35 (200+50 bonus WD+Unlimited EW+Network Calling, $10 Activation Credit)
6GB of data – $30
New $15 value pack (has the VVM, call display, Who called, 2500 texts, first month free)
SAF + 911 – $7.50
Subtotal = 87.50
$98/month = total after taxes (1.12% –thanks for the tax reminder NetChick, LOL)
*add $7 for early evenings at 6pm

iPhone App Store and iTunes 7.7 Released

iTunes 7.7 has been released and our friends in the USA are having a great time with newly released 2.0 firmware. It’s just a matter of time before Canadians can experience it themselves! One more day…

Thanks to iPhone Atlas for the image!

What plan/combination will you be vouching for tomorrow morning?

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