Rogers iPhone D-Day Has Arrived–FINALLY!

Holy toledo! Can you believe how fast the weeks have gone by? Tomorrow morning at 8am across Canada eager Canucks will be waiting in line for their iPhone 3G (including yours truly) at Rogers Plus locations. Don’t forget Fido stores, Rogers kiosks and other authorized dealers too.

It started off with Rogers just lambasting Canadians with their atrocious iPhone 3G voice/data plans. The media got involved and as well as major internet revolts, all protesting the high prices. Then Rogers decides to drop the 6GB for $30 data plan on us all. This plan is equivalent to an unlimited data plan, and I know it has convinced many people to go against their judgment and plunk down cash for an iPhone 3G (with a 3 year contract of course). Others have displayed strong will power–kudos to you!

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How to Buy your Rogers iPhone 3G while Being Informed…Read up!

Are you going to buy iPhone 3G? New customer ready to sign away for 3 long years? Let’s clarify a few things first. To qualify for promo pricing as a NEW customer:

1. Monthly Service Fee (MSF = data + voice plan) must be greater than $30.01.
EG: You select $35 Mega Time plan plus add on 6GB data for $30 = $65
2. With MSF > $30.01, you will qualify for promo pricing of $199 for 8GB and $299 for 16GB iPhone 3G.
a) If you opt for no data plan, and your VOICE plan is greater than $30.01, you still qualify.
EG: You only select the $35 Mega Time plan (price is greater than $30.01)–you qualify for promo pricing.
What about Existing Customers?
Existing customers whom are upgrading are based on how long you’ve been with Rogers and time since your last upgrade. If you’re currently an existing customer and you qualify for a HUP (hardware upgrade), then do it and get your iPhone 3G for discount. If you haven’t completed 12 months, you are in a tough pickle. Call Rogers CSR and see what they can do for you.
Rogers iPhone 3G Flyers – Sneak Preview
We’ve managed to get our grubby little hands on some Rogers iPhone 3G flyers. Check out these flyers that you will see soon in stores. Too lazy to visit? Check em out here…

Special iPhone 3G Coupon from Helium Digital for Readers!

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By the time you’ve finished reading this, iPhone Fan is either sleeping and waking up early to line up, or I already have my iPhone 3G. Stay tuned to hear my full account of iPhone 3G D-Day!!! 🙂

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