iPhone 3G Commercial by This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Remember way back in July when people actually LINED UP for the iPhone 3G (err…wait a minute, I was one of them–DOH)?! Anyways, we all remember the insane amounts of money we had to pay to sign up for the iPhone 3G and its subsequent data plan. Three years is a long term commitment on a cellphone plan!

When Rogers first introduced their initial iPhone 3G data plans, the entire interwebs revolted and a public outcry emerged. I think all the negative press actually gave MORE attention to Rogers, which subsequently sold more iPhones! Regardless, people were not happy with the data plans because they were expensive and didn’t offer a lot of value.

We soon found out that Rogers did crumble to public pressure and introduced a very reasonable 6GB/$30 data plan (which has recently been extended for a few lucky folks), which is now expired. Even with the data plan a 3 year contract had to be signed. We’ve talked about signing your life away to Rogers on a long term contract right?

Well, I think the following scenario is fairly accurate of how we all felt at one time or another about Rogers and just the cellphone industry in general. Produced by the fine folks at CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes, it’s a fine piece of work. Check it out:

A big thanks to Greg S. for contacting us about this hilarious spoof on the iPhone! I gotta give props to the mom in the video for giving up her kid. LOL!