Rogers Removing System Access Fee? Cheaper iPhone Bill Soon?

For those that signed up for an iPhone 3G, your bill statement after calculating your monthly plan, data plan, taxes, 911 emergency fee, and the dreaded System Access Fee (SAF) could be close to almost $100 per month. Owning an iPhone 3G can be expensive if you’re on a data plan and subscribed to a value pack. It all adds up right?

Rumor: Rogers to Relaunch Fido Next Week New Plans, but NO SAF!

Well, believe it or not folks but a cheaper iPhone bill could be heading your way. How? It turns out that Rogers is going to relaunch the Fido brand on Tuesday with a new logo and monthly plans, along with the removal of the…get ready…SYSTEM ACCESS FEE! At the same time, Rogers will also remove the fee for its postpaid subscribers as well. If this is indeed confirmed true in the next week, it will mean fantastic news for all monthly cellphone subscribers.

Will Canadians Ever See an End to the System Access Fee?

Could it really be true? Will Canadians get to rejoice in having this long overdue “fee” removed? Currently Rogers, Telus, Bell, MTS AllStream, and SaskTel are all involved in a massive $20 billion dollar class action lawsuit over the so called SAF. From the CBC:

The fee began as a government licensing charge in the 1980s to cellphone providers for using public airwaves. In 1986, the government transferred the collection of the fee to cellphone providers, who were to incorporate them into their monthly charges. Instead, the carriers opted to keep them separate.

So that’s where we are today. As consumers we’ve been paying for a charge that’s supposed to be included in our monthly plans, yet we are the ones that have been footing the bill all these years. I’ve been paying a monthly plan for roughly ten years. Let’s say it’s been 10 years so that’s 120 months. 120 x $6.95 = $834 before taxes! Talk about paying the price to “access” the wireless networks, huh (and some spectacular profits for Rogers)?

If the SAF is indeed eliminated by Rogers, Bell, and Telus, it’s not because they are trying to be nice to us consumers. The fact of the matter is new competitors will soon be entering the cellphone marketplace after the conclusion of this summer’s wireless spectrum auction. Newcomer BMW, recently announced they are going to offer an unlimited talk/text plan for $40 with no additional charges. All I can say is competition is a good thing!

Rogers, as of Dec.31/07 had 7.3 million retail voice and data subscribers. I can only imagine how many of these are on monthly plans, paying $6.95/month to Rogers. If 7 million were on monthly plans, that equates to just under $49 million dollars a month collected in SAF charges! Hmm…maybe I should start a cellphone company and get a piece of the pie!

RogersEmployee from HowardForums Leaks Upcoming Fido iPhone Plans

Here are the following revised Fido iPhone plans that will be coming into effect. Take a gander at what has been changed:

$60 iPhone Plan – 250 Weekday Minutes, Unlimited Evenings and Weekends at 7, Unlimited SMS in Canada, 500MB of Data in Canada, Fido / Rogers Hotspot Access, Visual Voicemail

$75 iPhone Plan – 500 Weekday Minutes, Unlimited Evenings and Weekends at 7, Unlimited SMS in Canada, 1GB of Data in Canada, Fido / Rogers Hotspot Access, Visual Voicemail

Per Second Billing, No device eligibility worries, Minute Tracker auto-added, All customers can sign-up to these plans, call waiting and conference calling included, 35cents / min overage, LD 35cents / min, 15cents per SMS above package, 50cents per MMS, Employee / Ambassador Accounts eligible!

No more charge for Expanded Network. iPhone plans still require 3 year agreement. No SAF/911 charges.

There are a whole wack of other changes as well. You can take a look at these changes by checking out the link to HoFo after the break. What do you think of all this? Eliminate the SAF or keep it? 😉


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