iPhone 3G on Rogers/Fido = Missed Calls on 3G Network

For the past week or so, I’ve experienced a very strange phenomenon with my iPhone 3G on Rogers. A couple nights ago I received the “new voicemail” indicator sound/buzz and it took me by surprise. Why? Well, because I didn’t hear nor receive an incoming call prior! At first I thought I was crazy. But after doing some research online and asking around on Twitter, turns out I’m not the only one with this problem.

There seems to be an inherent problem with the Rogers 3G network for iPhone 3G at the moment. The problem lies directly with 3G, and not EDGE. So that means with EDGE turned on, the problem is fixed. It’s the iPhone 3G–why would we want to use EDGE? Here are the findings so far regarding this reoccurring issue:

– This problem is happening across the country, not just in BC and the Lower Mainland. It’s been occuring for almost two months now.
– Users have also experienced garbled call quality.
– Some people have swapped SIM cards to try fixing this problem.
– Some people have gone straight to Apple and gotten replacement iPhone 3Gs (and even through Rogers/Fido).
– Some people have gotten $5 monthly credits from Rogers and told to use EDGE to solve this.
– Another solution is to go to Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network, as told by a Rogers CSR.
– Fetch mail seems to be affected by this as well (I’ve noticed my mail hasn’t been fetching periodically).

Rogers 3G Network Overwhelmed?

It appears that the problem lies directly with the 3G network and one could infer that it’s severely overwhelmed at the moment. What would be the explanation for people missing calls and having them go directly to voicemail?

Moreover, Rogers iPhone technicians are aware of this problem, yet employees at stores continue to sell the iPhone 3G. Maybe it has to do with the sudden influx of 3G users across the country? Either way, the network seems to be reaching its breaking point because I’ve also gotten “call failed” errors and inconsistent 3G surfing speeds. Rogers, please investigate this problem and fix it immediately. If you can’t offer full 3G support as advertised, don’t charge people for it!

Have you been experiencing any problems with the 3G network, either voice or data related? For those with this problem on 2.1, did updating to 2.2 firmware solve this problem?

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