Fido to Stop Selling the iPhone 3G in 2009?

Currently the only way to get an iPhone 3G in Canada legitimately is through Rogers, and their newly minted discount carrier, Fido. However, that could soon change as the word on the internetz is that Fido will stop selling the iPhone 3G starting in 2009.

According to Kidrock23 from HowardForums, the rumor is that with Fido’s latest re-branding as a low-cost cellular provider (which is essentially to compete with the likes of Koodo and Solo) will cease sales of the iPhone in 2009, or will not carry any future models of the iPhone.

Since Fido is now seen as a low cost carrier, and apparently the coveted iPhone doesn’t fit into their marketing plan as a no frills provider. When I first heard of this from one of my sources about Fido eliminating the iPhone in 2009 I wasn’t sure what to think. However, now that I’ve seen another person leak this story on HowardForums I feel it has more weight to actually come true.

With Fido’s re-branding to a low-cost carrier it is truly a sad thing to see. I started my first monthly plan with Fido when they were owned by Microcell and I loved the company and its competitive pricing. They’ve tried to keep Fido the “same” ever since but as we’ve all seen they have been closer to a Rogers clone than anything.

If you’re a current Fido user and say a new generation iPhone is released, I wonder how people will do a hardware upgrade when…there isn’t a new model available! What are your thoughts on this goodbye-Apple-iPhone-on-Fido scenario coming true?


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