16GB iPhone 3G Units Discontinued at Fido

Are you currently an iPhone 3G user on Fido? If you are, we have some bad news for you. Last November I reported that Fido would stop selling the iPhone 3G in 2009. Well, it looks like there is confirmation that this rumor is now indeed true.

I recently was contacted by an employee from Fido who sent the following news bulletin:

Start Date: March , 2009

End Date:

Regions: National

Reference # F2009-03-27


Availability of the 16 GB iPhone 3G
Please be aware the iPhone 16 GB will be discontinued on the beginning of April
(based on stock availability).
The iPhone 8 GB will remain in the line-up.
Orders can still be placed until a separate Bulletin is published advising that
stocks are depleted and orders will no longer be accepted.

This could mean either one or two things:

1) Fido is going to no longer sell the iPhone 3G
2) Fido is getting rid of iPhone 3G stocks to make room for the next gen iPhone this summer

If you are a Fido user with an iPhone 3G, you are probably wondering what will happen once new iPhone hardware is released. Such questions you might ask are: How will I upgrade to the new iPhone? Will I have to switch to Rogers? Why is Fido doing this to me? Should I cry now like a little baby?

The above has been confirmed by HowardForums user WorldIRC. All I can say is, “adios 16GB iPhone 3G on Fido!”

Rumor: Rogers Will Carry the Next iPhone in August of 2009

I recently was told by a close source to Rogers that the next generation iPhone is imminent and we will see it in August of this year. This source also mentioned that Rogers is in the process of upgrading their networks to 4G and this iPhone will run 4G speeds (to compete with Telus/Bell). I rarely post these type of rumors but this source would not tell me this unless he/she was very confident of the news.

I first mentioned this rumor on Twitter. Shortly after I was contacted by a representative from Rogers via email. Could we be onto something? 😉 Also, there has been news on the web about the next iPhone having faster internet speeds.

The pieces are coming together folks. iPhone 4G this summer? Only time will tell! What do you think?