Waterfield Designs: iPhone Smart Case Review

We all love our iPhones, and want to keep them looking at nice as they did when we pulled them out of the box.  We’ve seen reviews of skins like the invisibleShield for the people who like to keep the form of their iPhone intact.  Another option is the sleeve style case from Waterfield Designs called the iPhone Smart Case.

At under an inch thin, the case adds protection, without the bulk of some of the other cases. Waterfield Designs makes some high quality products, and this Smart Case is no exception.  It has no visible stitching, and has rubberized sides to make sure you always have a good grip on your iPhone!  It is also lined with an ultra-suede scratch free liner.

Another feature of the Smart Case is the low profile pocket, which allows you to pack some accessories along with your iPhone, like credit cards, drivers license, or headphones.  This does add some bulk if you’re packing your headphones, so it’s likely not an everyday option, but is great for carrying your credit cards and drivers license!

As I said before, Waterfield Designs makes very high quality products, and I’m still very happy with my MacBook SleeveCase that I have from them. The next case or sleeve I’m looking for, I’ll definitely keep Waterfield Designs at the top of my list!  You can get your Smart Case from Waterfield Designs with a variety of different styling options starting at $35.