The Real iPhone 4 Antenna Saga Explained [Video]

It seems like Tiger Woods may have survived the media spotlight with his prowling escapades off the golf course. You may remember seeing a video of his car crash reenactment created by a Chinese media outlet. Well, that same outlet has now created their own comedic rendition of the whole “Antennagate” saga. This is the video to brighten up your Monday!

The reenactment is hilarious on the verge of tasteless, over the top (it shows Jobs defeating Gates with a light sabre), and even features Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, which looks nothing like him at all. Check out the video below:

Here’s the loose translation by lawliet89:

Translated. Not word for word but paraphrased to include the original “drama” in the Mandarin Commentary.

The controversy with IPhone 4 rages on while Jobs try to extinguish the flames.

Apple Co-Founder Stever Jobs has helped his company earn a few Billion USD, all thanks to the sales from IPhones and IPods.

Apple’s market cap has now exceed that of Microsoft’s and Jobs has become one of the most important leaders in the technology world.

But some have pointed out that as Apple grows, so does the Evil in Jobs.

When the IPhone 4 prototype got into the hands of the technology blog Gizmodo, Jobs requested the police to ransack Jason Chen’s apartment.

When reports surface that Apple’s outsourced factory mistreats its worker, Apple’s response was less than ideal.

Many users are not happy with the fact that they are shackled to AT&T with the purchase of an IPhone and have started a class action lawsuit against Apple.

The latest problem with the IPhone 4 is the antenna reception problem.

But Jobs claim that the fault lies not with Apple but with the fingers of the users blocking the signal. “Just avoid holding it [that] way” and the problem is solved.

When Consumer Reports decided not to recommend the IPhone 4, Jobs realized that shit has hit the fans.

Jobs held a press conference to explain the situation. He said that the IPhone is not perfect but so are other smartphones.

If you are still unsatisfied, Apple will give out a free bumper case for free.

…and for those who haven’t seen the Tiger Woods video, check it out here:

The video is exaggerated, but one thing is certain Steve Jobs controls Apple very tightly, and is a master at controlling how the media and public perceives the company. Regardless, I can’t wait for my iPhone 4 on July 30th!