iPhone 4 Shortages in Canada: Are You Still Suffering?

It’s been well over a month since the iPhone 4 (read our full review here) launched in Canada. People waited in line overnight for the launch (and apparently still are waiting!) and shortages appear to be still existent from coast to coast. Locating an iPhone 4 seems to be quite the Easter egg hunt. Shipments arrives sporadically to both Apple Stores and the ‘Big 3’ carriers. Bell and Telus have had stock online and Rogers continues to have nonstop shortages.

Here are a couple tips to located that precious iPhone 4:

  • Use the iPhoneinCanada.ca Forums. Check out this thread for helpful tips. We also have a dedicated section to Location Stock/Availability. They are updated by fellow Canadians that are trying to find an iPhone 4 just like you.
  • Check twitter and search for the latest updates in your area. Don’t forget to follow @iphoneincanada
  • Call the “retention lines” of Rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus. Some people have been able to “demand” an iPhone 4 by threatening to switch to another carrier.
  • Wait in line if you’ve got the free time. One of my friends took a half day off work to wait in line at an Apple Store! What a world we live in. A company creates a must have product and people will do anything to get one! 😉
  • Buy off Craigslist/eBay if you’re desperate and can’t wait–but use your due diligence.
  • Forget the iPhone 4–wait for the iPhone 5!
  • Buy from the Apple Online Store for an unlocked device.

When will you finally get your hands on the iPhone 4? Are you still waiting?