Fido Releases New $50 Unlimited Plan, iPhone Not Eligible?!

To remain “competitive” and combat recent offers from WIND Mobile and Mobilicity, this morning Fido released a bombshell $50 Unlimited Minutes Plan. The new plan is a promotion and expires on December 31, 2010 and for some reason is NOT available for smartphones (AKA: iPhone)!

$50 Unlimited Plan

This new plan from Fido is available on a 3-year contract for non-smartphones. I find the smartphone restriction to be extremely silly and I hope Fido’s call centers get bombarded with calls (maybe so much that they will allow smartphones).

Note that other iPhone-related sites are indicating that this plan is iPhone-friendly which it definitely is not, at least from Fido’s perspective.

For reference, the plan is detailed below:

  • Price: $50.00/month
  • Minutes: Unlimited
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited
  • Features: Unlimited Incoming Calls and Unlimited Canada/International Text Messaging (CDN to CDN, CDN to USA, CDN to International)

This is an amazing plan from Fido and brings back memories of the old CityFido Unlimited plans that started at $40, $45, and $50/month.

Do note however that there is no free Caller Display, or any other features, and that smartphone restriction (there has to be a way around that).

So if you’re looking to get Fido service on a non-smartphone, this is the only plan to offer unlimited minutes from a major Canadian wireless carrier. For iPhone users, call in and give Fido a lecture!

Some quick notes:

  • Eligible to non-smartphones devices only (mobile browsing devices). Customers will not be able to activate on this plan with a smartphone, Blackberry or iPhone.
  • Customers will not be able to add data add-ons for smartphones.
  • Available nationally in all regions.
  • New and existing customers.
  • Available on monthly, 2, and 3 year terms.
  • Offer expires on December 31, 2010.