Leaked Pics: Multitasking Gestures Coming to the iPhone?

Update 1: There’s a now a video of gestures, via YouTube user antoninygaard. (via Engadget)

Some more rumours are making the rounds regarding upcoming features for the iPhone. The latest images are from BGR, which indicate some leaked screens that indicate multitasking gestures could be coming our way. There were rumours that the Home button would soon be disappearing. Is there a connection?

According to Endgadget’s sources, the leaked images sent to BGR are indeed real.

We just received an interesting tidbit of information on the above pic (and others that BGR has its hands on). According to sources, after the iPhone 4 barroom debacle, Apple made significant changes to how it keeps track of — and identifies to third parties — its devices. Namely, the company began adding clauses to screens on the phones which read “Confidential and Proprietary, if found, please contact…” followed by a 408 number (that’s Cupertino, of course). This prevents any misunderstanding from parties who may come across these devices. So what does it all mean? Well, not much, save that it seems these photos we’re viewing are in fact the real deal… which means gestures may be headed to your iPhone. Intrigue!

Such gestures would be very interesting indeed on the iPhone. My issue with this feature is that the existing iPhone screen is too small for this to work properly. For people with large hands, just try using 4-5 fingers to pinch out and swipe. It just doesn’t feel right. Try it for yourself.

What do you think? Are gestures coming our way to the iPhone?

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