Rogers Officially Announces LTE Network Deployment

Last Fall, Rogers announced LTE trials in Ottawa. Today, as part of their quarterly earnings call (which had profits drop), Rogers CEO Nadir Mohammed confirmed this to investors:

“We’re committed to LTE. We’re committed to deploying it and it’s going to be a multi-year deployment.”

What is LTE? As defined by the Rogers Redboard:

LTE is fourth generation “4G” wireless technology that allows significantly more data to pass through a wireless network at faster broadband speeds. For our customers, LTE will truly enable a world defined by data, providing a true broadband experience for HD video streaming, gaming, communications, transactions and other connected experiences through mobile Internet.

Good news for Canadian mobile junkies. However, this announcement is better suited as reassurance for investors that Rogers continues to invest in its future. There was no word yet on when it will be commercially available, or what devices and cities will get it first.

LTE networks and devices are years away from becoming mainstream, but it’s great news that Rogers diving into the mix.

Thanks for the email, Miranda!

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