Nuance Technology Already Being Used in Apple’s New Data Centre?

TechCrunch has uncovered some more evidence to build on the previous rumour about Apple’s relationship with Nuance. According to sources Apple’s $1 billion dollar North Carolina data centre might already be utilizing Nuance technology. The announcement of this relationship will be announced at the upcoming WWDC.

The data centre is rumoured to already house Nuance hardware running their software, which will process upcoming voice features in iOS 5. By locating this hardware in the North Carolina data centre it will allow further control and improvement, under the close supervision of Apple. We all know how Apple loves to maintain direct control instead of relying on third parties.

Siri was previous acquired by Apple and relies on Nuance technology. It appears Apple is reliant on Nuance, which right now holds a variety of patents in voice technology. Also interesting is that Microsoft also suggested Apple use their voice technology which was largely ignored.

With WWDC just around the corner, I can’t wait to see what iOS 5 will bring. iOS is desperately in need of new features to improve the already stable OS.


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