Fido To Launch “FidoTRADE” Trade-In Program

Fido has partnered with Flipswap for a new device trade-in program called FidoTRADE. The program enables new or existing Fido customers to trade-in their old mobile phone (with battery) for a credit against a new device.

With FidoTRADE, Fido customers can get rid of their old phone. The program takes back all types of devices from any carrier in Canada, the U.S. or any other country in the world.

Whether you are activating a new post-paid device, prepaid device, or renewing an existing account, you’ll get a credit toward a new device based on the trade-in value of your old device.

To determine the value of the previous device, the following questions are asked:

1.) Does the phone power on?
2.) Is anything broken, cracked or missing?
3.) Is the phone water damaged?
4.) Does the LCD work and display correctly?

The FidoTRADE program is scheduled to launch on July 11 2011. You can use the Fido website to find a participating Fido store near you.