iOS 5 Beta 6 Set To Expire On 29th September 2011

According to a recent tweet by @iH8snow, the developer of Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tool for Windows, iOS 5 beta 6 will be expiring on 29th September 2011 at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Some people are speculating this could give us a possible hint of when the actual iOS 5 is going to be released, but I personally believe this is just a random date. Looking at all previous beta releases, their expiry dates had nothing to do with the subsequent betas and neither did any of those dates coincide with some other related iOS announcement.

Another reason which tells us not to get ahead of ourselves with this date is because a Gold Master or GM release is due before a final public version is announced. This means if the GM build is coming anytime near that date, the final release would shift even further. Though we are pretty certain about one thing when looking at all the rumors piling up that iOS 5 final release could be tied to an iPhone 5 announcement.

Regarding iPhone 5, majority of rumors suggest that Apple will hold a special event in September to announce the fifth generation iPhone while some are inclined towards an October release.

So what do you say, is iOS 5 final build coming in September or will it launch with iPhone 5 in October?