Nintendo President Reffirms They Won’t Be Developing for iOS

Back in August it was reported Nintendo was facing increased pressure from investors to develop games for iOS and Facebook rather than its current focus on 3D titles. The company’s president dismissed such an idea and reaffirmed his stance in a recent news interview:

“This is absolutely not under consideration,” Iwata definitively replied when asked about Nintendo possibly making smartphone games.

Nintendo hardware sales are no longer riding high with the Wii and NDS. With App Store titles available for as little as free or 99 cents, many parents have opted to buy games for iOS hardware instead. Who still pays $30-60 for one title nowadays?

Nintendo’s reluctance to develop for any other platform other than their own is mostly about pride. But money talks, pride doesn’t. Their stock value has plummeted over the years–a true illustration of their current dire situation:

Ports of classic Nintendo games would be the ultimate nostalgic experience on iOS. It’s already available through various third party emulators (jailbreak required), so why not make it official and get paid?

[via The Loop]