comScore: iPhones Remain the Top Cellphones in Canada Outnumbering Blackberrys

The iPhone 4 was Canada’s most popular cellphone back in late July, according to comScore. At today’s CWTA Technology Showcase in Ottawa, the VP of Sales at comScore gave his presentation titled, ‘The Canadian Mobile State of the Nation‘, and within it included some important stats, reports MobileSyrup.

The stats are based on data up to July 2011, derived from 20,111,000 subscribers:

Operator Share

Rogers: 27%
Bell: 25%
TELUS: 25%
Koodo Mobile: 4%
Virgin Mobile: 4%
Fido: 4%
Other: 11%

Top 10 Devices in Canada – Installed Base

1. Apple iPhone 4 16GB – 763,320
2. RIM – Blackberry Bold 9700 – 420,558
3. LG – Rumour 2 – 373,606
4. Apple iPhone 4 32GB – 349,588
5. Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB – 349,028
6. RIM – Blackberry Torch 9800 – 330,121
7. Apple iPhone 3G 8GB – 314,761
8. RIM – Blackberry Curve 8530 – 296-101
9. RIM – Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 – 261,062
10. RIM – Blackberry Bold 9780 – 257,026

iPhone total: 1,776,697
Blackberry total: 1,564,868

Smartphone OS Marketshare

RIM: 38% (-4%)
Apple: 31% (no change)
Android: 19% (+7%)

The comScore stats reveal Rogers has a slight lead over Telus and Bell, but essentially the ‘Big 3’ have equal marketshare and price plan changes that strangely occur in ‘unison’.

The iPhone 4 continues to be the most popular phone in Canada, and total iPhones outnumber Blackberrys. RIM’s OS share is declining, Apple has remained the same, and Android has had a huge 12% leap forward. It’ll be interesting to see these facts once the next generation iPhone 4S/5 is announced and released by Apple.

The popularity of Apple’s iOS has resulted in everyone (and I mean everyone) sporting an iPhone. You see them everywhere now. Cellphone ‘exclusivity’ no longer exists in today’s smartphone era. I remember when I had my original iPhone 2G in Canada when it was only available in the USA. The reactions from people when they discovered ‘you had an iPhone’ were priceless.