Rogers iPhone 4S Reservation Update: Emails Will Be Sent Out to Notify You

After hearing from you guys on twitter and email, it appears there was a lack of information regarding iPhone 4S reservations from Rogers. We sent out an email, and managed to get a response. On top of that, the Rogers Redboard was updated too.

Essentially Rogers has started to allocate stock to the Reservation System and orders are being fulfilled as units are received from Apple. When your iPhone 4S is ready to ship, Rogers will email you a tracking link, to follow your phone until it reaches your store. If you don’t receive an email, you’re still on the list.

They noted people should stay tuned to their email ‘starting early next week’.

What About iPhone 4S Stock at Rogers Stores?

Rogers says iPhone 4S stock at stores are not for the Reservations System list. However, people can just buy an iPhone 4S at a store, and then cancel their reservation and get refunded their $40 deposit.

So there you have it…you may or may not receive your iPhone 4S by tomorrow from Rogers if you’re on the Reservation System, as it’s based on the stock they have. But you can always head down to any store and wait in line.

What are you going to do? Wait, or head to a Rogers store tomorrow?