Apple Is Now World No.1 In Mobile Phone Profitability & Revenue

The massive Q4 2011 sales of iPhone 4S have already taken Apple to the 3rd spot in global rankings of largest smartphone manufacturers and now, another statistical analysis by Asymco crowns Apple as the highest earning mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Asymco has calculated the profit and revenue share of top 8 mobile makers and also counted its total shipments in Q4 last year. Turns out that Apple was the biggest gainer in the smartphone battle in Q4 last year.

Despite Android’s growing popularity, Apple managed to make 75% profit share of combined profit share of top eight companies that includes Nokia, SE, HTC, Samsung, RIM,LG, Motorola and Apple itself.

Apple dominated the mobile segment in profit as well as revenue in Q4 last year followed by Samsung. Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, managed to hold the third spot in total revenue share.