Apple Generated 73% of Mobile Operating Profits Versus Its Competitors

Horace Dediu of Asymco has published a fantastic analysis of how the mobile landscape has changed. According to data sourced from company filings for Q1 of 2012, only three companies produced profits. Apple took 73% of operating profits, while Samsung had 26% and HTC at 1%.

Dediu notes just two years ago the top mobile vendors generated profits of $5.3 billion in Q1, while the last quarter that number jumped to $14.4 billion. He continues to note Apple has generated a bulk of their new profits from the iPhone 4S thanks to mobile carrier premiums. Operators are keen on subdizing handsets up front for a long term hold of customers. Evidence of this was can be seen when Rogers noted during their 2012 Q1 earnings they had a 35% increase in iPhone activations and did not receive enough product to satisfy customer demand.

The graphic paints a grim picture for Nokia and RIM, as these former smartphone leaders are now literally starting all over again due to their inability to keep up with the likes and Samsung.