Apple Files Patent For Specialized Case with Built-in Windscreen

Earlier today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple. The patent is for a specialized case that contains a built in windscreen which will reduce the wind noise while the user is making a phone call.

The case is designed in two parts, an inner part and an outer bumper. The outer bumper contains the windscreen. The windscreen will likely be made of an acoustic resistive material that will reduce wind noise without altering the user’s voice. The patent wasn’t specific on the material but it will likely be made of cloth, acoustic foam, porous plastics or screen material.

Also today, the US Patent and Tradmark Office published a number of continuation patents from the range of 2005 and 2008. Continuation patents represent modifications to existing patents. These modifications are made to speed the USPTO granting the patent. The patents are listed below:

1. Originally filed in 2005: Magnetic Connector for Electronic Device (MagSafe)

2. Originally filed in 2008: Power Source having a Parallel Cell Topology

3. Originally filed in 2008: Audio Plug with Cosmetic Hard Shell

4. Originally filed in 2009: Multicolor Lighting System

[Via Patently Apple]