Russell Brand Fined With 20 Hours Of Community Service Over Throwing An iPhone

Get Him to the Greek film star Russell Brand has been ordered by a judge to do 20 hours of community service in addition to paying a fine of $500 in New Orleans on Thursday over throwing a photographer’s iPhone through the window (via The British actor entered a plea of not guilty in New Orleans Municipal Court but failed to appear in court. The judge therefore ordered the community service as an alternative to criminal prosecution. If Brand completes the community service, the charges will be dismissed.

Detailing from the source:

Brand’s lawyer, Robert Glass, told Reuters his client could complete the community service “at any charity or agency anywhere, whether it be California or England.” An August 31 hearing date was set to report on the status of the community service.

New Orleans police arrested Brand on March 15 after a photographer accused the comedian of grabbing his iPhone and tossing it through a window, breaking the glass in a downtown law office. 

Brand was charged with one count of misdemeanor criminal damage to property and released shortly after his arrest.

The charge of simple criminal damage to property valued under $500 carries a potential penalty of up to six months in prison and/or a $500 fine.

Last year, the British comedian was deported from Japan over his criminal history when he tried to visit Katy Perry on her concert tour.