Rogers One Number Gets iPad Support & Add-on For Making Internet Calls Using A Regular Phone

Rogers debuted an exclusive service for its customers back in February called Rogers One Number, that allows users to make free calls, exchange pictures and text messages with other Rogers One Number users, all from a computer using their existing phone numbers. Today, Rogers has announced that the service is now compatible with any regular home phone as well as the iPad.

With an internet connection, Rogers One Number users can now extend their Rogers wireless number to make or transfer calls using a computer, iPad and even a  regular phone with an adapter. The new enhancements to this service are:

  • On iPad: With the Rogers One Number app, you can video chat and take calls on the go. The app is expected to launch soon for Android tablets as well.
  • On your regular phone: With the add-on service for a low monthly fee, you can connect your regular phone to a telephone adapter and use your wireless number to make calls using the Internet. You’ll also enjoy unlimited Canadian long distance and no daytime wireless minutes using your regular phone.  Purchase the Rogers One Number phone add-on service and telephone adapter at your local Rogers retail store location.

The adapter is $24.99, the add-on service is $9.95 per month (plus applicable taxes). Check out the following video for more information about how you can extend your wireless number to your regular phone: