Scientific Study Reveals iPhones Continue to Have with Less Toxics Than Before

iFixit and have teamed up to perform a chemical analysis of the toxics within 36 smartphones including Apple’s iPhones. The iPhone 5 shows Apple has continued to follow through on their green initiatives as they submitted their components to X-ray fluorescence spectrometry:

The HealthyStuff analysis demonstrates that Apple is actively reducing toxic chemicals in their products. The iPhone has undergone a steady, gradual toxic chemical improvement in the last five years: the iPhone 2G received the worst overall score of all ranked phones, but the iPhone 4 and 5 are now among the top ten percent of phones. Nearly all the other phones that were marked “low concern” are specifically marketed as green phones.

Note the iPhone 4S ranked better than the iPhone 5, and the worst on the list was the original iPhone (note to self, do not sniff the original iPhone). The lowest concern on the list is the Motorola Citrus, a cheap Android phone from 2010.

At the bottom of every product spec sheet on Apple’s website, including the iPhone 5, the company notes how they are continuously working to take environmental considerations in mind:

Apple continues to stress their concern for the environment, as their data centers will soon be powered by 100% renewable energy via solar farms. The company removed themselves from the EPEAT registry this summer but soon reneged as they admitted it was a mistake.