iOS Beats Android & Blackberry As The Highest Yielding Advertising Platform

Opera’s Q3 2012 installment of the State of Mobile Advertising report reveals that Apple’s iOS is the highest yielding platform on its advertising network. Furthermore, it appears that Android isn’t even as effective as Blackberry as an advertising platform, points out The Next Web (via The Loop).

Back in July, Opera officially declared iOS as the most effective mobile advertising platform with an effective cost per mille (eCPM) of $2.85, followed by Android with an average $2.10 eCPM. While Apple continues to dominate the proceedings yet again, Android seems to be slumping below BlackBerry OS, notes the source. Android’s average eCPM has slipped down to $0.88 with BlackBerry at $1.06.

The iPad is the most effective Apple device — averaging $4.42 eCPM — ahead of the iPhone ($1.48) and iPod Touch ($0.82).

There’s no break out for any of Microsoft’s mobile platforms, which are folded into ‘others’ – which represents a significant 20 percent of traffic and 19.6 percent of revenue.

Opera found that, unsurprisingly, mobile apps were the biggest earner of advertising dollars, generating 73 personal of revenues for the firm. That is really down to the sheer volume of traffic; since 8 out of 10 visit people that ‘touched’ Opera’s ad network did so via a mobile app.

The report also points out that while Android makes up more than a quarter of all traffic, but under 17% of the total revenue, Apple is once again way ahead and makes up 46% of Opera’s ad traffic.