AnandTech Posts GPU Performance Results For The New 4th Generation iPad [Benchmarks]

The new 4th generation iPad features an A6X SoC which according to Apple, provides 2x improvement in GPU performance over the previous generation A5X processor. AnandTech shares its first GPU performance results for the new A6X, which also features a new GPU core.


While the new SoC retains the same memory interface as the A5X, it integrates two of Apple’s new Swift cores running at up to 1.4GHz, compared with two ARM Cortex A9 cores running at 1GHz in the A5X. Additionally, the A6X also sports a newer GPU core, the PowerVR SGX 554. According to the initial performance results, the new iPad clearly outperforms its predecessor by around 15%, thanks to higher clocked GPU cores.

What we may be seeing here instead are benefits from higher clocked GPU cores rather than more texture units. If this is indeed the case it would indicate that the 554MP4 changes the texture to ALU ratio from what it was in the PowerVR SGX 543. The data here points to a GPU clock at least 15% higher than the ~250MHz in the 3rd generation iPad.

The bar has been set for this generation and we’ve seen what ARM’s latest GPU can do, now the question is whether or not NVIDIA will finally be able to challenge Imagination Technologies when it releases Wayne/Tegra 4 next year.


The tests further reveal the new iPad can perform up to 53% faster than the previous generation, with main focus however seems to be on delivering better gaming performance at its native resolution.